About Us

A group of 4 movers, makers, hustlers and shakers that combined their own passion with knowledge. When last year the world stop because of we know what, we stopped too!

We stopped and immediately started thinking what if this is the perfect time to write a new, different story that we always wanted but didn’t take time for it.

Well, words weren’t just words they were put into action and the rest is history.

We are now proudly standing behind the brand Hoopsy! Throughout the whole process we had one thing in our mind.

We think this is the time that kids will look for inspiration in everyday life and this is also the time that we can show them more than ever, that you can find inspiration in small things. For the past year we were building our brand which will, for that we hope for, trigger something special in every kid and most important, make them feel inspired by our products and their imagination.